The Icelandic Cat Protection Society (The Icelandic Cat Lovers Society),  Cat Shelter and Hotel

Stangarhylur 2, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland

Tel. +354-567-2909 (Phone is open from 9-12 on weekdasy)


Email: [email protected]

Opening hours

Weekdays from 9-15 and at Saturdays from 9-11. Closed on Sundays.

Phone hours are all weekdays from 9-12.

A stray cat may be brought to Kattholt during opening hours.

Adopting a cat

Cats wanting a home can be viewed from 13-14:20 on weekdays. Please note! In the interest of our cats’ wellbeing we limit visits to perspective owners only. When a cat leaves Kattholt for a new home, the new owner pays for neutering, microchipping, deworming and first vaccination IKR 24.500 in all. Cats wanting a home are presented under kisurnar>kisur í heimilisleit on the home page.

Becoming a member

You can support the refuge by becoming a member of the Icelandic Cat Protection Society. The annual subscription is IKR  3.500.

Donate Via PayPal

Please donate to Kattholt to help needy cats and kittens

About the Icelandic Cat Protection Society and Kattholt

The Cat Protection Society was founded on the 28th of February 1976. The purpose of the society is to promote better treatment of cats and ensure that all cats have shelter and food and are well cared for. The Cat Protection Society draws attention to the fact that Animal Welfare Laws require owners to have their animals microchipped and registered. According to municipal by-laws outdoor male cats, six months old or more, have to be neutered.

In July 1991, The Cat Protection Society opened Kattholt, a shelter for homeless cats, which annually receives more than 700 stray cats. On arrival at Kattholt, it is first ascertained whether the stray cat has any kind of identification (microchip, or ear-tattoo) and its owner is contacted if possible. If the owner cannot be reached, the cat is advertised on our home page under kisurnar>nýkomnar kisur. A cat may be started on home-search after seven days if it has not been claimed by its owner. The owner of lost cats can put an advertisement on our home page,

Hotel Kattholt

Ever since it was opened, Kattholt has offered the temporal boarding of domestic cats while the owners are absent from their homes. A cat that comes to the hotel has to have the required vaccination and deworming certificates and be at least six months old. Males have to be neutered and females spayed. The prices are IKR 1.900 per day for a cat, but IKR 2.900 for two cats from the same home.

Contributed by Steinunn Einarsdóttir